Authorship Statement

Please prepare a document with the following content and send it entitled “Authorship Statement” with your submission:

The author/-s of the manuscript, entitled “______________________________________________” submit the manuscript to the Editorial board of the SingiLogos for its publication as a scientific/professional article. The author/-s hereby declare(s) that:

  • The manuscript is a result of his/her/their own original scientific-research work;
  • The manuscript is not a result of any form of plagiarism;
  • The manuscript has not been either previously exposed or published, or submitted for publication at a different publishing institution;
  • The author/-s has/have not either infringed authorship rights or misused intellectual property of other parties;
  • He/she/all the authors is/are agreeable to the manuscript version/content and the submission;
  • The manuscript has been written in compliance with all the relevant ethical norms and standards;
  • There does not exist any conflict of interest in relation to the manuscript;
  • In case the manuscript is a result of practices on a project, the project-relevant pieces of information, i.e. acknowledgements are dully stated (e.g. title, ID number, funding, etc.);
  • In case the sample illustrated in the manuscript has already been used for – another article, textbook, study or monograph, it must be stated within the footnote on the first page of the manuscript;
  • The author (at least one of the authors) has the permission/license for the use of the software applied for the data analysis presented in the manuscript;
  • Upon receiving positive comments/outcome of the peer review process and editorial decision on acceptance in SingiLogos, the author/-s authorise/-s the Editorial board to:
    • Technically format and prepare the manuscript for publication;
    • Upload the published manuscript to SingiLogos website, free of charge;
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Corresponding Author:

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Signature: ________________________________

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Date: ______________________________________