About SingiLogos

IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE LOGOS (The Gospel of John, 1:1)

Inspired by both antique, traditional values, and contemporary yet-to-be-discovered phenomena, SingiLogos has been established to answer the variety of questions coming from the social sciences and humanities scope. SingiLogos, Singidunum University annual addressing multidisciplinary research, will aim to foster the existing and create some news bonds – not only between scientific disciplines but also academics both on national and international scale.

To achieve that goal, supported by partners coming from different parts of the world, gathered around our Editorial Board and Council, we will rely on transparency, scientific and professional purity, objectivity, innovativeness – and – above all – compliance with academic code of ethics.

Apart from original, previously unpublished scientific papers and state-of-the-art, SingiLogos publishes scientific critiques, professional papers, and book reviews – written in Serbian, English, Greek or some other language of international communication (with reviews, irrespectively of the language of the paper, in English).

SingiLogos, available in the open-access mode, is regularly published every July, with the possibility of special and thematic issues being added, in accordance with the needs and editors’ decision.